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Men’s Services


Men’s Services

MedSpa Treatments For Him

At ANYASolutions, we offer a full spectrum of men’s care services to help you feel more relaxed and confident. From addressing the beginning signs of aging to targeting unwanted body hair, we provide simple procedures that allow you to reach your potential. Achieve healthier and brighter skin with one of our skincare services, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with a dermal filler or neuromodulator, stimulate hair growth with our hair rejuvenation services, or appear more open and welcoming with a neuromodulator treatment to relax out those angry lines and sweaty armpits. Once we know what you wish to target, we’ll set up a plan to move forward and help you feel on top of the world.

Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver


Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver

Aesthetic Services

Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver

Hair Removal Services

Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver

Hair Rejuvenation

Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver


Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver

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Benefits of Spa Services For Men

While your main motivation to visit ANYASolutions in Denver may be purely aesthetics, there are many benefits that extend beyond improving the look of the reflection in the mirror. Some benefits include:

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Male Friendly Environment

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Private and Confidential

Men’s Aesthetic Services in Denver

Men’s Aesthetic Services Rewards

    Well-deserved way to unwind
    Look and feel better
    Enhanced attraction
    Soothe sore muscles
    Deep cleansing, and exfoliating
    Have hair where you want it, remove hair where you don’t
    Reduce wrinkles and signs of aging
    Improve health and overall wellness
    Facilitates healthy skincare
    Identify issues before they are problems
Healthcare for Men in Denver


Most Popular Services For Male Clients

Over the past few years, male clientele have been almost as into the spa experience as their female counterparts. As men become increasingly aware of the benefits to their health and overall wellness, more and more men have enjoyed spa treatments.

From a relaxing massage to hair removal and facials, males have discovered the rejuvenating, youthful benefits of visiting their local MedSpa. While we’ve highlighted a few of a male-centric services above, our male clients are welcome to schedule and enjoy any of the same great services we feature in our other service menus.

Nationwide, some of the top MedSpa services for men include massage, clinical facials, hair removal, hair rejuvenation, and neuromodulators. We are proud to offer all of these popular services and more!


  • What areas can injectables help men?

    Male and female populations experience wrinkles in nearly the same places including around the eyes, nose, mouth, and neck. While current trends favor plumping on the female face, injectables for men tend to be more popular where they can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Do facials for men differ from facials for women?

    Yes and no. It’s not so much an answer of gender as it is an answer of the individual. Each face is unique regardless of sex and gender, so each facial will be slightly different. Your facial will depend on your skin condition and goals. Typical male-oriented facials are designed to ease razor irritation and provide deep pore cleansing and toning.

  • Can male med spa services help address aging concern?

    Absolutely! While we can’t do anything to slow the hands of time, we can help slow how aging affects the way you look and feel.

  • How do I know if I'm a good candidate for male MedSpa treatments?

    Did you check out our menu of services and treatments? Do any of them sound like they would help address your concerns or make you feel better about the way you look? Chances are, you’re eligible! There are a few skin conditions that may make a certain med spa procedure difficult or dangerous, but we’ll let you know at your consultation and we can work with your skin condition and goals to develop a customized treatment plan for you!

  • I'm transgender, am I a good candidate for male med spa treatments?

    You bet. Med spa services aren’t necessarily gendered or sex specific. Some services are tailored more toward the generalized preferences of a population, but all services are highly specific to the unique skin condition and goals of each client, without regard to gender.

  • I'd like to keep my tough, masculine appearance. Will male MedSpa services smooth out my ruggedness?

    Only where you want it to! Want to look like a Front Range lumberjack but without the folliculitis? We’ve got you covered. Want to smooth out your crows feet, get a relaxing massage, but keep your burly chest full of hair, well that’s fine too! All of our male spa services are completely customizable and tailored to your specific preferences and goals. Let’s talk about it at your consultation!

  • Is a MedSpa treatment a good gift for my partner?

    It’s a great gift for you both! Get them the treatment that allows them to look and feel better and you’ll both reap the benefits in a more positive outlook and youthful glow — the gift that keeps on giving! Better yet, schedule a couple’s spa day at ANYASolutions today!

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Spa days aren’t just for the ladies. It’s the 20’s and men are just as in tune with their bodies as women are. You deserve a MedSpa treatment too!
At ANYASolutions, we welcome our LGBTQIA community members to a gender-affirming and supportive LGBTQIA family-owned and operated environment, where gender is no issue for our services. Discover your fresh face when you schedule a spa treatment with ANYASolutions staff member today!